Here’s my idea for a hybrid!

So I’ve been thinking for awhile now since nobody has thought of using smilodon, why not make a hybrid for it for a future update?
Legendary: Smilosaura
Stats are:
4,150 hp
1,300 dmg
126 speed
0% Armor
25% crit chance

Superiority strike (Maia counterpart)
Distracting Rampage (Smilo counterpart)
Lockdown Impact (New Move learnt)
Strike and Run (Maia counterpart)
Biased off of the real life musk deer


It’s not a bad idea, with an interesting moveset and stats but I doubt Maiasaura will be getting a hybrid without the move instant rampage (or some variation of it) since that’s basically the point of having Maiasaura DNA in a hybrid anyway. Also Smilodon’s precision and evasive abilities disappear, but that’s less of an issue, if at all.
Anyway, cool drawing, I’m sure everyone’s always happy to see more interesting ideas. There are already threads for this kind of stuff though, you might want to go check those out if you haven’t already.

Idk about a cenozoic and dino hybrid, but the smilosaura is a well thought out idea. Anyway, heres some of my ideas: Keep Calm and Read On

Search for “JWA artwork”. Join us in the thread there!

Hmm reminds me of Synapsids.

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Interesting but I would suggest replacing one of the moves or adding a priority move for it to be better

Yes! @Matthew_Lugo would be a welcome addition to the thread!

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