Here’s my lineup, suggestions?

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Replied on the other thread but I would aim for more pterosaurs and amphibians. Your top creature is just over 6k ferocity down to your lvl 20 vips which are 4,440 ferocity so would aim to build creatures within this area.

You’ve got around 6 to 7 solid dom worthy teams there however I would work on more depth within this area.

Can you make monostegotops or diplosuchus? And what have you got in your market?


I’ve got two more level 20 I-Rex hatching and another level 20 Unayrhynchus coming also. I’m one dimorphadon from having the Metriacanthosaurus hybrid which in heavily considering doing and just keeping at a relatively low level.

The amphibians are tough because I don’t have any great ones unlocked. I’m just kinda relying on the Prestosuchus to come back around and saving hella LPs.

Working on S-DNA but only have raptor and Dimetricarnus currently.

Thanks for the reply.