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Here’s the thing about Light Fury

Whenever I see Light Fury mentioned in battle tactics threads, people usually complain. Some people adore her but it tends to be a design or overall taste thing, not battle thirst. It’s often an issue of her final BP or general battle prowess not being up to scale for her difficulty to obtain and double scale levelling up costs. Some people even say they are ignoring her outright because she doesn’t seem worth the effort compared to other blue Legendaries.

And wow are they ever shooting themselves in the foot. Because after bumping her up to my main team and usually her consistently in Alpha battles, I have noticed how significantly she tips the fight in my favour. Combine her with a spirit booster like Brute, Toothless or Revenger, and she is an absolute nightmare to go up against.

Not only has her BP been given a boost since her initial release

but her special is pretty unique and hella lethal. It may seem similar to AoEs, but at its core, it’s quite different and far more powerful.

She will always attack five shots spread across 1-5 enemies, and while you can’t control who takes the damage, she will never attack less than five times unless she literally has no more enemies to hit.

When she is spreading out over a large number of enemies, her damage is comparable to AoEs, but as soon as the battle tips in her favour, her damage begins to /condense/. The same amount of damage output is guaranteed, only spread out over less enemies, whereas an AoE will always damage each individual enemy the same amount no matter how many there are. And that is where the difference gets really obvious.

Paired up with a moderate 5 turn 20% shield break and a dodge with odds at nearly 1/3rd, she then steps back and opens up the remaining enemies to even more damage from your team while keeping herself relatively safe. She’s far less sturdy than Toothless, but in battles where I am really pushing my BP limits, he still gets knocked off nearly 3 times as often.

Idk about you guys, but if they bumped up her BP to match Toothless or even higher, she’d be like a holy terror.


I’ve seen her in action in “test run” and I do believe what you said to be true. Interesting review, and a must-see for all those who snub Lighty. :slight_smile:

I only use her for battling alphas, that’s where she really shines. But once i train her to 4* i’ll be using her more often in regular fights.


Agreed, she is super helpful in alpha battles, but even in regular questing or fish/rune dailies, if she’s on my team, I can take on at least 200 - 300 more BP than if she wasn’t, even just at 3 stars.

If 30% dodge doesn’t sound like a high percent, I can honestly say that at the end of tough battles, it’s not uncommon for my team to look like this.