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Here’s the thing

I know this might become slightly controversial, but I don’t see the point in nerfing top creatures. People usually level them a bunch and pour a bunch of boosts down their gullets. Yes, they’re usually quite good, but nerfing them usually dumps weeks, usually months, of work, given Ludia’s track record with nerfing the top creatures.

So just make more counters. It’ll make more OP creatures less OP, and won’t wash away people’s work as badly. Part of the problem with Maxima, aside from IIT and the two rampages, is that it doesn’t have many counters, really only one reliable one in Thyla. So, if you buff the bleeders like Spinonyx, Spinotahsuchus, Daryx and Co. you’ll see Maxima become less of a threat.

Tl;DR: You don’t need to nerf something to the depths of hell, you just need to buff its counters.


The key thing here is in the way Ludia buff/nerfs. Whether it’s intentional or not it always creates the same results.

Like right now max and Tryko are to strong or they have a move that’s to strong. Could be both.

What they should do is release a patch ASAP that address iit in the arena. Then sit back and observe the meta to see if further action is really needed. This way when they introduce new things they know exactly the meta their dropping them into.

What they will actually do is wait until a future patch somewhere down the line. Nerf iit and max in the same patch along with introducing something that not only counter max but fills the power vacuum that the nerfs to max did. Tryko will prolly remain more or less it’s current power with the needed iit.

Either that or they will nerf iit and buff them both to make up for the loss of such a powerful move and their will be essentially no change.

I’m well aware that this is definitely how it’s going to be done, I’m just saying what I think should be done.

I get what your saying but in order for that to work Ludia has to not want us benching creatures. Some of their balance changes aren’t done for balance reason so much as it’s time for a new meta and we realize people would rather just keep their old Dino so we gonna make sure you dont want to do that.

It doesnt matter what Ludia does. The crybabies will cry that Gemini or whatever counter was buffed is destroying arena. Ludia should nerf other people’s dinos not mine, etc…

Just let things run and then balance better. Make the OP creatures less OP by removing a resistance or changing a move. Small change that makes the creature have extra counters or maybe not run over everything. Then again all the talk about OP could be imagined and its a lack of strategy that has to be addressed.

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