Here we go again, 72 hour trial towers

So for the next 72 hours I have these useless trial towers instead of something useful.

Yes, 3 days of this rubbish!

Why Ludia, why?

Surely 24 hours is the maximum time needed for any strike tower so why 72 hours for these?


I know right? The rewards are not really that great from them anyway (if they were bigger incubators they probably would be.)


Exactly, rubbish rewards and they sit there for the next 3 days.


Because Ludia knows that Trials are a fantastic idea. They think everyone needs a maximum three days to complete them. If only they were good. I still think they should make it so that when you complete strike events, they disappear off the maps so you can get other things to appear


Maybe because there are some players that are actually having trouble with completing the trial. Not everyone has an overleveled Yoshi or even a decent leveled Koolasuchus in their roster. This is probably to ensure that struggling players get a plan going and try different strategies with whatever they got.

Well if that’s the case Dinobai then I would prefer it if they would just put one in my area instead of 4.
And I have no green stops in my 200m area now thanks to these trials.
And if 3 days is really necessary to figure out a trial with a reward that’s not worth a light I feel sorry for those who are willing to spend those 3 days working it out.


For me situation is similar.

Why are there free drops? :thinking::thinking:

Trial rewards are too low. They are not rewards. Just tower blockers. It would be better without them.


5 step epic strikes last a day and common 1 step trials last 3 days… yes this makes perfect sense to me


I still stand by my idea to just make a temporary 3rd tab under the battle menu called towers. Have all towers in a list there so you can have a fair shot at each one. Retry penalty still apply but the towers are off the map and in a list.

I guess having a tower out for 12 hours and then switching to more towers for 12 hours makes more sense? This rotation is 10am/pm for me.

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Phil, that sounds like a good idea.

It’s a shame Ludia don’t say why they see the need to overload the map with them as they do every Wednesday. Especially with this Covid crisis that prevents us from going out.

My main gripe is that with only one outside walk a day I never get anywhere near the maximum rares as all the green drops are outside my 200m circle because of the 4 trial strikes inside it. It’s just so unnecessary

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A coin sale wouldn’t hurt either considering people are locked in doors unable to spin their supply drops.

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a newbie here (Lvl 6)… but what else is supposed to be there then these strikes? I only have seen strikes and these scent things… I believe the scents are even worse then the strikes… what am I missing here?

Epic and rare creatures.

Actually there are strikes (scent, boost, regular) and trials. Closest drop you see on picture has a trial, other three down right are strikes, @Belboxtel.

Wednesday/Thursday is also only day when we have two events same time (common and rare).

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so trials are the better ones?? Because of the rewards?

First week in my JWA gaming history I got 0 green stops near me for the Commons. Rares at least spawned within my 266m circle.

The need for 2 day towers are if they are 5.steps and above. The Trial ones are 1.step and like April Fools need minutes to an hour to figure out not 3 days

Sadly no, trials are waste of drops. Bad rewards and sometimes even really tough to do, cause they limit you on certain creature that can be used.

I simply just can’t understand why we don’t have 12 hour and 24 hour incubator trials… that way there would be 5 of them, the 15min, 3h and 8h incubator ones would be there for a day and the other two for two days, but this is non-sense… it’s taking up space and the rewards are just too small, so what is the point of having these??

This is exactly what I’m saying Tommy.

A complete waste of space, and no explanation.

One poster suggested that newer player may need 3 days to figure out how they can beat them. That’s just farcical. Perhaps Ludia can interject with their thoughts on why they think anyone needs 3 full days to complete a one fight trial?

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