Here we go again. 👾

List of buffs and nerfs:


Pretty sure Edaphocevia has Precise Rampage, not Precise Pounce.

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You’re right, I’m a content creator from South America so I didn’t notice that mistranslation. Luckily the Spanish translation is correct.

Ludia should hire you for listing their stat changes :grin:

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the ankylosaurus looks fair

I’d prefer the precise than armour piercing for raja’s counter , it feels like a nerf to me , especially when facing an indo g2 .

An easier way to read this infographic would be to use green arrow for a buff, and red arrow for a nerf. (or anything along this line). Just a suggestion…

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Can you do something like this in every patch?
If you prefer to do

notice how stuff like melionia and sacaptoators heals were nerfed

I always do things like this in every update. In fact, I always do infographics for my Facebook group “JWA Hunters”, I also expanded to Instagram and Twitter. :grin:

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Thanks to share it

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Good suggestion, I’ll take it into account for the next update list.

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At first I was like “why would you want to make these changes?”, and then I realized these were the actual patch notes :joy:


I will always be in shock about how a turtle is faster than a t rex, especially with carbonemys speed buff

But I feel like there are reasons for it, but still, when you think about it its extremely weird

What a nice looking graphic. Well done

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