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Here's a good question

What if all four players had a DOT dinosaur & attacked in a Boss Battle? Stop laughing. What would the result be? Would each player’s turn result in DOT to whatever that attack was (or in other words four consecutive instances of a one third loss of health) or would they be an aggregate total of all at once (or in other words a 133% smackdown)? Or would it result in only one instance of the DOT & the other three are nullified?

My guess is an aggregate total. All DOT utilized as one massive loss.

It would probably result in this outcome, yes, but I don’t believe it would k.o. the boss. I noticed that rending attacks don’t actually deal the same percentage in boss battles as in arena battles, so they’re probably coded differently. Willing to bet DoT is as well.

that’s because the Bosses have a some form of resistance to Rend or DoT.

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Weird. I don’t remember the resistance graphics ever coming up. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

with how buggy raids already are, i’m not surprised those graphics don’t show. All bosses at this time have 80% resist to Rend and DoT.


That makes a lot more sense. So would it theoretically still be possible to immediately initiate phase two if you could get enough DoT stacked up? I doubt it would be possible with current DoT moves, but could it happen if we had higher percentage moves?

During a regular PvP match, I was lucky enough to drop two DoT attacks (25% & 34%) on my opponent & they added into one turn of 59% damage so this is what prompted the question.