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Here's something I think could be a game changer

It would be neat if having a particular class on your team granted a signature buff to the team.

Like you would have to get that character to a certain level or perform some kind of heroic feat to unlock that trait, but having that character in the party could provide a passive benefit to its members. My knowledge of class roles in D&D is spotty at best, so please bear with my suggestions, murky though they may be. Anyway, here go the suggestions:

Wizard - A chance to deflect magic attacks or reduce their damage
Cleric - Better defense and attacks against undead enemies
Fighter - A melee attack and accuracy buff, a chance at a double melee attack
Rogue - Improved loot, less chest unlocking time, the ability to unlock more than one chest
Bard - Enhanced initiative, regen at intermissions
Ranger - A ranged attack and accuracy buff, a chance at a double ranged attack
Warlock - A chance to turn a non-humanoid enemy against its own team
Barbarian - A defense boost and the possibility of countering melee attacks

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