Heres what I want to know


If I have a Trex… I have made him… I feed him, care for him… Why cant I just get DNA from him?


We’re suppose to be a part of the “dinosaur protection group” or whatever… Yet me make them fight to the death? :confused:


It’s only a game. One with some very poor logic in its justification of the game mechanics.


The drone has run out of batteries but must be picking all the darts up and returning on what power.

If we only collected DNA why is the Dino gone.

Velociraptor is the fastest but moves the slowest when you dart it. Trex is the slowest but moves the fastest.

If we can buy incubators but can’t sell them how many dinosaur DNA farms does Ludia have.

Like who built the chicken wire fence for the Dino to escape across. And why does crossing a fence stop the aerial drone.

Who put the bullseye on the Dinosaurs.

Where are the baby dinosaurs.

The whole point of Deoxyribonucleic acid is it self replicates.

Why is the guy from parks and recreation asking me if I’m a passenger. Is he a policeman now after his bit part career went nowhere.

I bet this Pratt guy is opening up incubators because when he was in space once he caught a
Jennifer Lawrence that way.


There are hybrids in the wild which means there are some freaky dino-sex parties happening somewhere


They don’t fight to the death only get knocked out


And their recuperation period is uber-fast. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


How can I be traveling too fast when I’m laying in bed?