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Hero rooms dissapear

Hello, i reached lvl 10 on Tommus and i had 2 hero rooms to complete that required Tommus lvl 10. One was in frostsilver mines and the other on hidden forge. I entered frostsilver mines and completed that one and then i entered hidden forge but the hero room wasn’t there, neither was for Sevarith that was on the next fork. Note that these rooms were there for a very long time (last time i saw them was the day before) and the hero rooms on harvestshield mountain are still there. Is this some kind of bug, and if not, what did i do wrong?

Hey there, @gorniaftw, one possible reason for this is that the placement of these rooms ought to have been reset with the most recent update, as these rooms had their rewards rebalanced (among other things). You should still see these rooms appearing again during your dungeon crawls, however at different locations, levels, etc.

Hello John, what you say seems like a possible explanation, but why haven’t the hero rooms in harvestshield mountain dissapear as well? Also it doesn’t seem like the rooms will reappear because no new hero rooms have ever appeared to me, only those that were there the first time i entered a new dungeon. Thanks for the reply anyway :slight_smile: