Heroes for battle

Can u have the same group of heroes in every battle? Thx

In Battle Mode, you lead a party of 4 heroes randomly selected from your roster into an arena to battle another player’s group of radom heroes. For more details please visit: Update 8 - BATTLES & BRAWLS

i dont like this idea, i would much rather have a set hero team as some heroes synergize better than others.


when you are doing the adventure mode or challenges you can pick your team, the reason for the random heroes in areana is because it would always be the same four heroes battling it out.

Your point? I don’t have enough gold to level up more than 4 heroes effectively, random select just means I just automatically lose some matches because the game decides to give me a level 1 hero I can’t afford to upgrade. It’s stupid a frustrating to not have set teams.


I also dislike this. I seem to constantly get my weaker member and never get my tank. So I have to fight against my enemy with less damage and no front line. Really enjoyable.


I have not yet to figure out how to change classes in explore mode?

once you have more than 4 characters go to the helmet button on the bottom right and form your party from there. and it just means you have to upgrade everyone. This also has the effect of upping your renown so you get more characters, packs and better rewards.

We absolutely need to be able to choose teams in battle. I avoid the mode for now because its an auto loss to get the characters I dont want. Gold earn is so slow as is I cant level 1 character let alone 5


This is the stupidest thing ever. Can never get more than 1 battle won in level 2 because all I have are 5 heroes and one of them is useless.
There should never be any mode that is not fun if you can’t afford to upgrade each and every hero you own. I’d rather own 4

I could not agree more, hate that i cant setup a fix heroes setup with a battle gear for cool tactic option