Heroic Adventure Questions

Ok. Hidden Forge. I’ve paid 15 gems twice now to run it. I beat it both times. It won’t let me move on to Harvestshield… ? Beat it with all four characters alive etc. Got all 3 dice…

Edit: 3 times now


Sometimes you need to close out the app and come back in to get it to move on like it is supposed to. I’m surprised though if it gave you a second chance to pay gems because usually with that problem it is just frozen.

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Closed out the game, reloaded, still the same.

Oh I see now. You end the first stage when you have collected 1850 coins. The way to complete each stage is in the lower left of the banner.

1850 coins? Where are you seeing that?
Been through it 4 times now. Obviously I’m overlooking something … it does finally show that I’ve been through the dungeon though. Says 4/250 in the left corner under gear rewards.

Oh then your challenge is a gear one, mine is coins. You need to collect 250 pieces of gear.

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Ok. Duh. Thanks. Like I said. Obvious lol
Wish I had realized. Grabbed allot of gems and such

Yeah it basically is just a series of the daily challenges strung together. Unfortunately not really worthwhile for me so I skip.

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The need to complete in lower level challenge rooms combined with insufficient rewards makes participation in this ineffectual. Spending comparable time farming harder level challenges will provide significantly greater bounty.

There also appears to be no increase in secret rooms or hero specific rooms for this iteration.

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