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Heroic Adventurers

  1. Again…first part is free. Thanks.
  2. I played 5 games and went 1 and 4. All were multiple levels above me and frankly I was slaughtered.
  3. The last player, screen shot below, was the weakest player I came up against. I think he saw the mismatch, smiled, moved once…and that was it. I won due to a great sport!

So to my Dev pals…please figure out a way to allow people of similar pvp strengths to play each other. Really, I was glad for a win…just not happy with a sympathy win.

Just continuing my requests to fox this…

Lee_Maker, Retsamerol has previously provided a guide which may assist in ToM and HA events. I will link it below. Unless the mechanics have been altered, this guide offers a work-around to minimize losses in these events. It requires a bit of intentional losing at the onset and a willingness thereafter to poach weaker, unaware players. I would recommend using these tactics if they present with no compunction for you.

Hmmm, lose to win?

Interesting concept. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this informtion, Orloch.

Note you have to do this for each stage. So stage 2 and beyond will cost gems to restart after every three losses. I finished part one with battles against even players but lost a lot. I then fought a series of weaker players. Note I wasn’t trying to lose. In stage two I fought 3 vastly superior players… higher trophy higher level higher gear and went 0 an 3. I did not rebuy.


Any updates?

It appears they chose to avoid any worthwhile rewards for this iteration. Unless the replenishment cost is significantly lower than usual, the value of the rewards appears to be far lower than the anticipated cost.

By nature I’m compelled to finish things but logically I’d be better off grinding Lightfinger than chasing a Purple Chest. The Blue Chest came up completely empty of anything I hadn’t maxed out. But I did get 50 rare of something for Jarlaxle so that was good.

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I tend to just ignore the event now. The frustration and time investment isn’t worth it to me. At most now, I use it to fill my 20 count For hero kills for boxes if I’m running short from my regular battles

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No change on the developer side based on what I’ve seen. Been a bit short on time so I haven’t completed it yet.

Similar to before, event trophy count resets between stages. So I think playing stage 1 and 2 normally will probably be fine.

From what little I played, it looks like a lot of people doing the event are using the “Lose Early; Lose Often” approach for stage 3, which helped me complete the first stages pretty quickly.

If a significant proportion of the player base has caught on to the optimal strategy, that could theoretically decrease the effectiveness of the strategy, i.e. when two tanking player are matched up against each other. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the meta shapes up.

Cheers for that

I’m finding I can’t tolerate the event anymore

At least in arena when fate decides you have zero chance of winning u can at least go well I’ll try to take out X in order to fill up the /20 arena chest (and then stop)

In the event only wins count once /20 is full so losses when you’ve clearly won the battle are extra frustrating