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Heroic Challenge?

Umm… where is it? I don’t see it and nobody in the guild sees it either. Please fix and load it up Ludia!

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I keep getting pop up ads for a ‘Heroic Adventure’ but it doesn’t show up on my system. What’s up?


No heroic adventure and no interest from ludia in fixing there game

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Hey everyone, the issue was brought to our team’s attention, and they’re currently working on a solution for it.

However, this can take some extra time, as it is during the holidays. :sweat:

Thank you again for your understanding and patience!

Any word on the missing heroic adventure?

It seems the newest heroic challenge isn’t showing up either. Based on the events that haven’t shown up, it would appear the special “tab “ is broken.

Hey there, Lonesomepixel. I believe our team had just pushed a fix for this.

Could you please try restarting your game and see if the Heroic Challenge is appearing?


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It seems to be showing now. Haven’t tested beyond that at this point

And here I was hoping they’d finally released the missing challenge from Christmas.

Is there any chance you will start treating this game more like a business and less like a hobby that you have lost interest in?


With the demotion of WoW to the “other games” tab on this forum, the answer is a resounding No… Play this game for what it is and enjoy it for that, if you can… but no longer expect any level of customer service or proper remuneration from Ludia for cancelled events or errors/bugs. That is 100% fact. They do not care about this game or the people playing it. They are busy with Jurassic Park and other money making games…