Hersh.....it's Koola-time

@Hersh I am quite certain you are going after all the Koolas, right?

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I decided to test my theory today…

I popped an epic scent last night and got two koolas, no other epics.

Figured, okay let’s see… maybe that was by chance or because it was night time.

I did another test today during day time:

image image

Theory validated


You must be some koola magnet. Just make sure you go after the female ones.

Btw, you’re gonna regret posting up those screenshots. The gang’s gonna rub it in big time

I hope that means all the Koola had migrated to your side so that next time I pop an epic scent I will only get Ankylosaurus :rofl:


Haha no regrets at all…

I’ll consider my $20 test as a Public service informing anyone considering to buy epic scents in the future.

If The scent had proven better results, I probably would have been enticed to buy more scents down the road.

Seeing as that’s not the case, I’ll comparatively be spending less in the grand scheme of things :grin:


Worry no more. You are not alone.

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Haha, thanks,
I’d rather no one be in this boat at all though.

finally found a zone 2 area. was there last night and saw an epic, thought it was ouranosaurus… got closer and it’s second-to-last-asaurus you want to see. just got an epic scent from the strike today. gonna set it off, hopefully i have better luck.

Dart that para for me please :grin:

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Haha, I’ve got tons around me!
I’ll deliver them in wholesale :joy::package:

@Hersh are you saying that Koola will be useful despite those times I got him twice??? :thinking:

Ooh…that’s way below the belt

guys, it’s all a conspiracy. When you post mean things on the forums, they program the game to screw you. That’s why your dodges never work, your scents always pull garbage epics, and the moment you hit a threshold where you’ve gotten enough garbage epics to make it powerful, they pull the rug out by creating a new legendary hybrid based on all the components you used. :smiley: Clearly.

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Eating taco bell for lunch and had 2 spawn near me…i guess they like chalupas.

@Joe_Ng huh? I didn’t say anything wrong??? :astonished::astonished::astonished:

I’m sure you’re just messing around but…

Giving garbage to already displeased users as “retaliation” seems like a massive gamble :man_shrugging:t4: :sweat_smile:

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I popped an epic scent I had stashed from the last I won about 30 mins before the rares for the featured popped today, and had some pretty decent results.

Ended up with 2 Koola’s, 2 epic Ankylosaurus’, a Rajasaurus, 2 Spinosaurus (rare), and a Postasuchus.

Dunno how that fits into your theory though.

Eh, to have a more than ideal outcome, it’s required that you have a less than ideal outcome. Every outcome cannot be equally as good. Personally, I celebrate the bad outcomes because it means I like something about the game enough to be disappointed in the alternative. But I’m a die-hard optimist.

I’d be content with equally likely good and bad outcomes…
However, the latter seems to be in majority. :performing_arts:


I can empathize. It feels that way sometimes. :slight_smile: Then again, some dude has a level 29 Koola in the upper tier arena and it’s a real pain. Embrace the chaos Hersh. Lean into the madness. :smiley:

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