He's heeeeeere!

I got my Indoraptor tonight (after dropping roughly 50 common scents to get the last 3500 raptor DNA I needed)! But now the question is who gets booted off the team…I had enough of a hard time booting someone to add Monomimus. I love my team, and do well with them, but I know Indoraptor is a must have addition to it. Any advice? And any other swaps you all would make?


Take mega out, he is easily defeated.

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I’d probably swap out stegoceratops or megalosuchus. I’m having a similar problem too, just got monomimus and can’t figure out who to replace…

Care to post a shot of your team? I swapped out Alanky cause as much as I loved it, I knew my team was outgrowing it simply because of the lack of access to the Alanqa DNA needed to level it.

image here you go

I’m hoping to start fusing for indo by Thanksgiving.

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Congratulations by the way

Congrats, that’s gotta feel good!!

Oh forgot to say congrats btw. Here’s the shot:

Would actually like to include tyrostronix as well. Thinking I’m going to take out rajanky

First off congratulations! I know the struggle is real lol.Stegoceratops doesn’t fare that well the higher you go, mine is 22 and benched-and I disagree with the megalosuchus haters, played right he is a beast as well as his DNA seems to be easily accessible depending on your area…mine is 21 and can easily beat a stegodeus of equal or slightly higher level

I’d personally kick out Stegoceratops for Indoraptor, since it has more bad matchups against legendaries than your legendaries do.

I finished top 500 somehow with this lineup lol, I like to swap out sometimes just for the flavor :grin:

Honestly, i replaced Indom with Indoraptor. Indom is staying at 20 (getting left behind), both have cloak, but Indoraptor can deal with shields and is much faster.

Take out stegoceratops for Indo, and our teams will be twins haha :smile:


Ahhh well done girl! :heart_eyes:

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Congrats for yours annoying dino fuse.its awesome pet indoraptor.:clap::+1:

Thank ya! :blush:

Replace indominus rex, these people seem to love that useless thing.


When I get mine I’ll probably drop my indominus rex. I hate using it, but I feel like I have to. She’s won lots of matches for me, but I hate relying too much on RNG. Indo is versatile and doesn’t rely on the dodge.

My only qualm with dropping Indominus is that she’s one of my highest level dinos for now. I think once I get some other dinos up a few more levels I’ll drop her, but for now she does good damage and has better health than alot of my dinos, and when cloak does work it’s great.