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This terror of the seas made cameos on the beach of a vast Cretaceous Sea and was eaten by many predators of their time.

Class: Surface ( New Animation )

Tier: VIP ( 20K )

Level 10
HP - 1478
Attack - 623

Level 20
HP - 2090
Attack - 993

Level 30
HP - 2500
Attack - 1321

HP - 3478
Attack - 1952

This pesky bird deals a deadly bite to all in the lagoon !
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  • Tanystropheus
  • Odonobenocetops

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3478 hp and 2340 attack in a vip is way too much. 10,966 ferocity is about 1400 higher than any other vip who have a ferocity between 9574-9577.
Thylacosmilus the current highest attack vip has 2244 attack with 2394 hp.
Brontotherium , pterodactylus , concavenator and tarbosaurus has close to its hp at 3352 for an attack of 1945.
Prestrosuchus is close to its hp too at 3591 with an attack of 1870.

By my calculations no vip can have 2340 attack until ludia decides to release creatures with higher attack than their health.
3478 hp isn’t assigned to any vip and it creates an anomaly like proceratosaurus if released in terms of stats. Anyways it should have 1905 attack with that health.

Also that jump from lv30 to 40 is too much. At lv30 it’s weaker than any other vip lv30 and at lv40 it’s stronger than all max vip. Its health is okay at lv30 it lacks a little bit of attack at lv30 . Its attack almost doubles from lv30-40 which is the problem.


Ooo…will update it

I think hesperonis should have a unique animation. Well he could technically be placed in a rig with some extinct giant penguins

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