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Hey all

Hi all I’m new to this forum but loving the game, my poor guys are going Gray on me sad day. I’m loving Antoine, Adam, Ryan, Hugo, and Liam the most. I wish Hugo would come back :cry::cry::cry:

But I’m sad I can’t match with any of these hunky fellas

Not sure why you can’t match with Tiros, the centaur guy, but the others don’t have story content yet so it’s impossible to match with them.

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Tiros only had a storyline in the What’s Your Story app, his storyline isn’t in the Lovelink stand alone app yet. Same with the others, no storyline has been added to the app for them yet… hopefully at some point in the future, we will get to match with them.

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Awesome thanks for replying I’m down to 3 guys left, and I can’t match with anyone else. I’m not into the girls so I don’t want to go that route, I need some new matches :cry:

What is What’s Your Story? I can’t seem to find that app.

Well now I’m really sad I’m now down to 2 guys left, Ryan came back from being gone and now he’s gone again :sob::sob::sob:

I wish Antoine would come back he’s my favorite guy, miss him :cry::cry::cry:

It’s what Lovelink used to be apart of before Ludia made it it’s own app and shut down WYS.

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Oh okay thanks for responding, to bad it’s not still around. Pretty soon this game is gonna get boring once all my matches are away, I’m down to 2 and can’t get any new matches sadly :cry:

Antoine is the best :heart_eyes:
I’m slowly reaching the point where I will have to wait till they write more. I think when that happens, I may uninstall and reinstall the game and go through his all over again. :sweat_smile:
But that’s just me.

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Between him and Adam I’m smitten with my fake boyfriends lol, those 2 are my faves. I wish I could replay our dates especially Adams. I would do that too, but I paid for a lot of gems for both guys so I don’t want to start over :frowning_face: