Hey cincy what just happened there?

I think I was fighting Cincy099.

I brought my Tryk in I thought I won that match you brought in your procera.
Somehow my Tryk died even though I did the killing blow.
What did you see?

I reset my phone. It had me lose trophies, but I got an incubator for the victory.

Do you think there was a bug and it carried over the damage over time placed on the Tryk before from the Thylocator?

You won normally on my side, I lost to a killing blow. Nothing unusual at all. I lost and lost trophies.

Probably just arena glitch #545. Its really a shame a game that’s core is battling has soooo many arena glitches.

GG btw. :grin:

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Thanks for the response. It was very baffling to me.
I am sure you will get even with me next time.