Hey could you guys give me advice on getting more dna and food? btw im level 17

Welcome to the forums @Ralfs_Upenieks !
U can get food from the food factory, packs and also in a few events
Dna can be found in packs, and by selling creatures, and you can also find dna in a few events, and by leveling up you can get some prizes
For me these are the quickest, easiest ways to get food and/or dna.
Hope this helps…

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  1. Hatch everything the Game gives you versus buying creatures at the Market. If you notice that you are developing holes in your lineup, by all means, buy what you need to patch those holes. But, particularly at your level, the vast majority of your creatures should come from the Game.
  2. Invest in your Food Production.
  3. Complete every PVE Event.
  4. Complete Daily/Weekly/Seasonal Missions.
  5. Grind PVP/MODed PVP
  6. If you are VIP, make sure you are collecting DNA twice a day and leveling up DNA Production.
  7. Invest in the Daily Lottery, especially if you are VIP. Don’t spend Real Money or Dinobucks on the Tickets though.

The only true ways to progress in this Game is to invest Time and/or Real Money. Spending one reduces/eliminates the need for the other.


I can’t seem to get rid of the tapjoy notification near the aquatic thing and it affects my gameplay.Does the Happen to anyone else?