Hey dont criticize but

I only have a legendary one and guess what that is? Ohh indominus the worst dino in the game (I am close to getting allisino(

Umm, Indom is borderline overpowered, so I would say it’s bad

Lvl 16 tho

depending on the arena and level, indominus is still a good creature. I would like to know why this is ur opinion tho(no disrespect or trying to be rude or anything, just curious why)

Indom needs time to adapt to. Get a feel of how it plays and why it is beaten. Considering it was once the underleveled surprise package in many top 100 teams in 1.4 and 1.5, it isn’t bad, just got replaced.

Its your strongest dino if you set it up right.

I’m on badlands and also I cant use him on epic raids

well, of course you cant use a legendary creature in an epic raid, only epics area allowed in there. And besides, indom with its 3x cloak thing is great at taking out some creatures(not the best rn cuz of the resilient move problem rn) but its great at taking out other creatures. And if its just annoying to face just use resilients

Good point though how many coins do you have

I have like 2000

currently 11k, cuz I just spent 90 k or something to get thor to lv 24. If ya wanna get more coin just do the strike towers, pvp, campaign, and supply drops(prob more options I can’t remember) and just don’t spend all of it every day

i got a level 25 indom, don’t say she is underpowered. Mine has 1964 attack, 127 speed and normal hp and is a beast. In skill tourneys on the unique tourneys, I still use her cuz she beats mammolania, thor (the hybrid of allosino which you think is so great) and many other fierce. The only fierce she really always loses to is cunning fierce and tryko. level 16 indy is also really good, has like 2,734 hp. thats a lot for lower arenas

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i also hope you realise that indy was nerfed like 10 fold just to make this game balanced. i know you guys say other dinos would be genetically modified but indy was made up of like 15 creatures, potentially even human which makes her much more deadly cuz she’s so smart. these new hybrids would be much less powerful cuz ingen would have realised that indy was too op and wouldnt want a repeat. this is seen in jwfk when they thought indo was better cuz she was more controllable (the gun lazer thing), even tho she was clrearly less powerful and smart(this thing basically got a jailbreak, even dogs play dead sometimes).

How the heck does that work? Mammo destroys Indom

Also you can’t just the best parts of a creature and mix them into one unstoppable beast. That’s not how genetics work

oh ya forgot about that one, i was thinking of my indom. indom has weaknesses too, i just didntmention themlike how she tens t be pyhcotic

Indominus is definitely one of the better legendaries. You can carry it into the endgame with the right boosts.