Hey Event drops problems!


So, nearest park is 20+km away! And not only that, you would say in real live Nice Big 4 parks! There’s going to be lots of Event drops!
Reality is different… Only 4 drops in these parks…
In whole town 6(but the town is BIG) so tell me how can we catch all that dinos in max time 3hours??? And and and… With this new 2-3 dino spawning at same time… That us Ridiculous… Give to Every town small park with 3 drops!!!
And place that park to town square!!! Ludiaaaaaaaa!!!


I feel you man, I have to drive 20min to my closest event SD, and it’s only 1 in a huuuge forest… Meanwhile I see other players with parks filled with event drops, like really 20-30 in small field… Doesnt seem fair :confused:


Like WHAAAAAAT? THAT DROPS ARE PLACED BY COMPUTER? But why people didn’t repair that? Thats unfair as *hit


You got 3 days time … you are NOT supposed to use all your attempts in just 3 hours. lol


Did you read that all? Not seem like that, i said 20kms away! I wouldn’t say a thing if it will be 5max