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Hey how about that

So Ludia…how is it possible that after upgrading my team t throughout the past three months I’m literally about to finish this month tourney with the lowest total of trophies I’ve had in about 5 months? Could it be the broken boost system? Or maybe the broken matchmaking? How about the broken arena system? The library is a literal cesspool of garbage and over boosted Thors and Indo gen2. It’s about as fun as pulling my it teeth out. Please fix your game. It used to be a lot of fun. Now it’s pay to win TRASH.


Ain’t that the truth!

I have 2 accounts, one with boosts that I’ve had from July 2018 and one without that I started when boosts 2.0 were launched.

The first account has gone up by at least 3 levels on each Dino, plus I’ve added Maxi and Gemini both now at level 24 and mildly boosted. And it’s at pretty much exactly the same trophy count as it was 4 months ago.

The second unboosted has gone up again by three or four levels every Dino and now is just under the trophies that it had three months ago!

I’ve given up hoping to get any higher on either account as I really don’t want to spend money to win. And since I’m not that bothered about getting more trophies, I don’t need more boosts so I don’t battle anywhere near as much as I used to.

You can’t beat the system, and the system requires you to stay one step ahead of the competition with boosts if you want to keep rising up through the ranks. This is something I won’t do so I accept its my own fault that I’m treading water.

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It’s not your fault it’s the broken pay to win game designs fault.

Part of what makes boosts so OP are some dino designs like being able to distract + cloak or being immune + cloak (or all 3 in an epic cough didn’t see that coming, did you?) or big health + immunity…

If you boost a creature like that…yeah there’s no tactic against you. Remove general immunity (only allow immunity to particular effects) and you make the game less p2w because people can actually bleed that geminititan down or stun/distract that indoraptor g2 that sometimes take 2 creatures to kill unless you’re lucky to have gotten a bleeder in your team.

Less immunity, add more cleansing abilities and you get some balance…

Also being able to boost your creature’s speed breaks the game. They completely “redesign” fights and how dinos are supposed to work - so again, no tactic needed if you are always the fastest. You can do whatever you want.

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