Hey I won!

Just won a match. Started with Nodopatosaurus and killed lvl 16 Stygimoloch. Then opponent took lvl 14 Gorgosuchus. I tool normal strike so Gorgo couldn‘t seap out and she killed Nodo. Then I chose lvl 14 Stygi and finished Gorgo off. Then opponent chose Alanqa. Stygi stunned and swapped out, Stegocera swapped in. My opponent chose to swap out, too, and in came Veloci. My stegocera killed it.

So it was 3:1 for me. But instead of, the screen said that I would‘ve lost the game and I also lost trophies.

Somebody else having this problem? :thinking:

Yes, this has happened to me 3 times since I started playing in June. The last time I had won 3 to 1, precisely killing an Indoraptor on my last play so the joy was very great … and suddenly … “The opponent has won” … by 3 to 1 .

It is a mistake that appears from time to time and I hope Ludia gets correct.

Glad I‘m not alone. If it‘s a confirmed bug then I really am curious how long it will tale for Ludia to fix this. ^^

I submitted a bug report on this… Happens, although not very frequently.

It happened to me before,but if you force quit the app and open it again,probably you will get the trophies and the incubator.

Yes I have had it happen as well a few times. Again on a 3:1 win in my favor the round end saying my opponent won.