Hey, is Xmas, dress them up

Xmas here…i wanna see Trex wearing Xmas hat…what do u want to see? :joy:


This is not pogo dude :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Enhance it…play Xmas song in arena while matching…make winning dino :man_dancing: dancing :laughing:

Santa’s sleigh pulled by eight pterosaurs
Random Dinos wearing awful xmas sweaters
airing of grievances and feats of strength strike towers


Maybe some decorations on the map, like a christmas tree in the main sauqre, or some lights or a santa claus flying with velociraptors, and if you catch it we will get some rewards


Go play Pogo if you want a game that is about dressing up your team. JWA vibe is way more serious and I’m sure most people play it because it’s different in that way! I don’t wanna see costumes! How the heck could you realistically get an outfit on a dinosaur and it not look insanely cheesy and lame!

good morning, I am a jwa player who spends many hours and really this game can exceed any other, lacks content, it is true, but it is very entertaining … An idea that I thought, would be that Some dinosaurs had a Christmas hat, just as a celebration, I like the seriousness in everything, but a hat I think it would not hurt, no clothes, just a hat or something that has a similarity to a holiday.PNG

forgive the bad edition xd

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Hey, at least flip the hat to the back…how u expect the dino to see what’s in front… :joy:.
I think is still after all…a game…and game is for fun.
Just a seasonal thing that will add laughter to the game…why not?

I think this idea could work. Mainly because I want an option to see a raptor tangled in lights for reasons. But PoGo has a style shop where you can purchase clothing items with coins. And they do offer freebies too. So maybe I wanna put a tiara on my Rexy because she’s a queen.

They wouldn’t need to show up in battles to satisfy the more serious crowd but would give the more fun seeking player something to look at in the lab area.

And you have to remember that the franchise this game represents has its moments of fun. Sure people get eaten but this is also the franchise that gave us a Sinoceratops licking a man’s face.

Just have to find a balance.

While it would be fun/cute, I’d rather they fix the bugs first.

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There r so many frustrated comments about this game, bugs, glitches, hanging…losing streak…
Give us some dancing dinos, Xmas trees with snow flakes…
Background playing Xmas songs even in arena…

Happy playing JWA…Merry Xmas to all of you…

There’s a thing called genre I’m pretty sure jwa is action/horror how the heck can you say Christmas costumes fit into that!? Seriously if you miss stupid hats go play Pogo they come out with a new hat each month for pikachu

Brother,I also like seriousness, I love the genre of jwa, but I think at least one decoration for a holiday is not a bad idea

Pogo is a stupid game dude

Yeah it is! Especially because they catered to people who where like I want a special hat for my Pikachu your proving my point that we don’t need that trash here!!!

I understand you, but the peoople claims this “hat”. I don’t think this is a really bad idea, but i respect your opinion, SERIOUSLY ALWAYS!

Ludia needs to focus on fixing bugs I would be raging if we got some Dino’s with hats while scent drawn creatures still get stuck in strikes!

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For those that think that Christmas themed stuff doesn’t belong in this game because dinos are all about horror, I sure hope you aren’t opening those presents all over the map. You wouldn’t want to be hypocritical.

That is our Christmas event you talking about. Fun way to include Christmas while not making mockery of our prized fighters! I am in no way shape or form against themed events, just don’t put holiday clothes on a dinosaur!

Oh the horror.