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Hey Ludia - big thanks

For letting my Indominus dodge a boosted Thor rampage with crit - and still take almost 3K in damage. Brilliant job, I mean really, kudos for that.


Probably an unpopular opinion, but the dodge nerf was one of their best balance changes in recent times. Being able to come out on a game that was secured and done, only to win because of some dicerolls is not fun in any way. There’s not a lot of good in the arena nowadays, but I can find solace in the fact that Indoraptor, procerath and erlidom can’t come in and rng cheese their way to a win anymore.

By the way, it’s literally impossible for a thor to do that much damage. T10 level 30 does 7.6k damage with a DSR crit, meaning 2.5k if it’s dodged. Yeah right you got hit for almost 3k damage.


That’s why I said almost, genius.

I know for a fact that you didn’t fight a T10 attack thor, so that number is likely lower than 2.5k damage. Likely more than a 500 damage difference from the alleged ~3k, which is quite a bit. Just saying, exaggerating your argument to prove a point is pretty lame.

Thanks for the lesson. You’re right… exaggeration is hardly seen on the forum.

Like how everyone always lost to a dodge, while their dodges never worked.

Cheese on! cheese on…

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As much as I would love to be able to call people out on extreme exaggerations of their experiences 24/7, I sadly can’t. Apologies if it came off as confrontational, that was not my intent.

Actually, I just did the math and a tier 7 damage Thor critical rampage would do just over 2300 damage to a cloaked indom (if they dodged).

If it was 2k damage it would already be too much.

The dodge nerf was necessary, but not like this… As I’ve been saying since the change, it should be 10 or 20% damage tops, or else their users are in extreme disadvantage… Actually, It would be better if these moves were extinct, 'cause they’ve always been extremely stupid.


This is one of the changes i really like and think was handled well. When an Erl cloaks against my dilo, I can fire off 2 4800 dmg hits and - if it dodges twice - it still lives to hit whatever I ran I into. The difference is, I have a chance to still kill it later. Similar occurrences with indos.

I run erl and indo btw.

I think its not only fine, but good. Removes some rng, adds some skill.

Now they need to add some skill to the whole rat situation.


Because of these comments I missed you very much on this forum. I hope I will see you more often here. :blush:

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Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: I’m around more than I thought I’d be, that’s for sure :joy:

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The dodge nerf was not necessary at all. At least not how it was done. They went overboard with the nerf. Indo specially got hit hard. Imo it should get a buff next update. Or at least I hope so.

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