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Hey Ludia, I hate to complain, but Gamingbeaver

…might have been dead to rights about these boosts!

I don’t know what happened, but right after that fiasco with the tournament prizes being delayed etc, it’s been open season regarding OVER-LEVELED & OVER-BOOSTED opponents in PvP.

Remember that kid that got let back 3 grades and he’s now in your class? That’s not a fair fight if he decides to take your lunch money & in tired of my lunch money being taken.

So what are you Ludia, going to do to address it?

I know you read the countless posts but this IS ridiculous and it will continue to happen AFTER the new update. History tends to repeat itself, so we need a long term plan.

…and please give me my lunch money back, it’s supposed to be pizza day!


I hate it when droppers come down to Library and mock me, but feels so good when one has hyper boosted lvl 30s in whole team and somehow I got the crit at the right moment to win the fight.


I’ve been seeing that.

The fact that it’s on the rise and that EVERYONE is seeing it frequently is a problem.

I had this one person come through with all level 7s (or something like that) and I knew EXACTLY what the game plan was.

At the end of the match, good ole mr. dna was like “good job”.

I was like: “man, that next poor soul is going to get it”.

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I’ve also noticed that there are more droppers now, every now and then, there will be a person who brings out a like a level 5 diplocaulus and other low level creatures.

I faced a heavily boosted team full of thirties in ruins. I made a topic over it with tons of screenshots

What do you want Ludia to do about droppers? Some players face losing streaks of 100s of trophies and some switch to a garbage team and drop to get easy fights. Both are droppers so how to legislate?

I feel Ludia needs to encourage players to progress by making the incs in the top 3 arenas 50% better. Meaning Lib arena inc is 50% more coins and DNA than Aviary, Gyro is 50% more coins and DNA than Lib and Nublar has 50% more coins and DNA than Gyro.

Put Diplod/Mammoth DNA in Nublar incs. Yes that unbalances the game but at least it entices players to go up not down.


Changing the timer on the beach to 60 sec wouldn’t hurt either. And I’ve unintentionally dropped almost 400 trophies before on a bad losing streak so it works be hard to determine who is a “dropper” and who is just having a really bad day lol.


I agree, it’s stupid how the higher arenas give nothing new at all. It’s about time Diplodocus at least gets to be non-exclusive. Maybe add the Nasuto too. They will bring new exclusives anyway so why not “retire” these from the event exclusive club?


Yep true, been in many losing streaks myself and then after tons of losses I get matched with someone who literally has no chance of winning.

Then I collect my 15min incubator (its ALWAYS a 15min incubator after a losing streak lol) and walked off feeling guilty having beat them.

Some times the matches were so scewed in my favour I would actually feel sorry for them and let them win…gah lol


Personally, I would just like them to fix their monthly reset!!! There’s way too many players above 5000 now, so every reset, it now take more than a week simply for everybody to get back to their respective level (and during that time, you get crushed by higher level. And sure enough, during that week, matchmaking is simply going wild.


I forgot to include that in my daily rant on what Ludia has to do.

Its push and pull.

If the top 1000 are given reasons to progress as well as forced to progress, they will.

If the prizes up top in LGN (Lib, Gyro and Nublar) are superior to Aviary, droppers will not drop as much.

Change the AI timer at Shores and Depot to 1 min and 45s respectively. Reset in tiers or halve the points gained from the last reset. Example i got 6742 last season. The reset point is 5500 so 1242 points gained, i get reset by 621 points so 6742 minus 621 is 6121.

We dun allow the top to run too far but we dun squash them into a clogged arena every 4 to 5 weeks.


Monthly reset is the biggest problem. I look like a dropper right now because I hit 5293 last night with my average level 29 team. Before reset, my high was 5843, which is 550 trophies higher. I’m legitimately trying to win, but I’m being smacked down by teams even better than mine. Reset is setting thousands of people from trophy levels 5500 to 8000(!!!) back to 5499 every month, and it’s a bloodbath for literally weeks. It’s an artificial progress block that makes the arena a mess for everyone, and it needs to be rethought.

  1. Reduce timer at the shores
  2. Better incubators at higher arenas
  3. More attractive season rewards
  1. A new arena above shores wouldn’t hurt either
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The Arena just isn’t fun anymore full stop for a lot of people.
Even before the reset, Alliance members were complaining about the opposition they were facing, level 19 players and below shouldn’t be faced with having to battle level 30 boosted opponents match after match. It destroys their desire to battle in the Arena.

Theres been a lot of new players around since the Covid 19 lockdowns started.
Many of these players are used to the Gigascents, haven’t experienced decreased darting range, or limited darts.
Fix the matchmaking and Arena, before they move onto something else.

To encourage players in progressing has to be the answer.

So either stop the opportunity to grind for boosts, or lose the timer. Personally I would rather the grinding for incubators that give boosts was stopped, but that’s because I really don’t like boosts.

Making the dna available from the dbi in the upper levels much more useful would be a good call.

Arenas sucks…there is no reason to be in high arenas. You will get same trash incubator if you have 1000 trophy or 7000. No motivation, no prices…so why to deal it?

The droppers are a pain in the bum but I can also understand it. At 6k we are talking 2 minutes wait to get overboosted 100% loss match x8 to get 15 minute incubators. So why not drop to 5500 or even 5k and get the same incubator rewards and get “easy” battles and at the end of the season, push back up to the 6k range if the rewards are worth it.

For me being naturally at 5.7k I spend half my time being thumped and losing 40 trophies to people I should never be facing and the rest of the time getting quick easy wins. Neither are fun.

Here’s what should be done and as you can see I wrote a whole detailed layout basically day 1 of boost.


Not everyone that you face in PvP that has a better team than you is a dropper. When you have a range or 2k trophies all reset back to 5500, there are going to be a lot of people fighting both above and below their weight class until the trophies even out. That means that someone that is usually right on the edge of braking into Gyro on a good day might lose all the way out of library if they hit a bad run. I know I had a streak of bad luck with crits and I as about 500-600 trophies lower than I usually am shortly after the reset. My range is usually 5600-5900. I was as low as 5200 yesterday. I know I fought a few teams in library that I swept and a few teams that definitely should be in Nublar Shores. It’s just par for the course when there is a reset. I always enjoy it because a few times after reset I was able to get a few wins right away and for a very brief moment I held the #1 rank haha.