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Hey Ludia, I have a question?

I have posted a few topics about bugs in the game and battle issues. However, instead of fixing, or even addressing the game glitches or issues or bugs, you keep moving and closing my topics on the forum. Why? I am trying to play a Dino game, that I do enjoy, I try to keep up with the daily challenges, but this is getting a little silly. Can we go back to the game before the last big update, it work a lot better then.


The Mods are just that, moderators for the forums. They pass on info to the Development team but they don’t have the info to hand. They combine posts because other they fill up the forums.

Many of the issues being reported right now are being experienced by many, if not all, players hence the patch that is currently being worked on. If a bug or issue is genuinely unique and only being experienced by yourself then it won’t be merged with other reports of the same nature.
Put simply, it stops the forums from being flooded with individual reports that are the same and makes it easier for the community to see they are not alone in their experience.


I fully agree. Update 1.7 contains so many irritating bugs but it’s not the mods’ fault.

I am really upset and frustrated by all these bugs but I think that mods are doing a great work, trying to organize the forum and to transmit relevant informations to the Ludia team.

They are located between hammer and anvit. Thank you, mods, for your work.


Bad patch 1.7 and .

Next time, can you ask willing players to do beta testing, not impose that to everybody!