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Hey Ludia, is the current daily mission format permanent?


I hope it changes. I’ve been skipping opening incubators every other day so I’ll have enough time to open them all and actually complete the missions for the Alanqa DNA. 13 or 14 incubators a day is simply too much without strikes counting.


Nothing is permanent.


that will always be true.


I hope they change Alanqa to Irritator, then you’d see me and a lot of other players put a lot more effort.


Suddenly changes to Koolasuchas.


Alanqa dna is good as the legendary is great at a high level… Or you just want to collect dna for maybe the pterosaur unique which is bound to come…


While Alankylo is a good legendary, it is barely seen in the higher arenas (upper lockwood and almost all of Aviary) purely because of the high number of shield breakers and bleeders running rampant. Of course, in the likelihood of an Alanky unique, all this DNA will be useful.

At the moment, however, I’d gladly take Irritator over Alanqa.


I use alanky level 23 in aviery and it does quite well :blush:


GOD yes. been catching a LOT of dimetrodons lately. Lol


Unfortunately irritator dna won’t happen


I was just thinking about this earlier, with the week dedicated to birds maybe it is time to switch away from Alanqa, I mean it comes from everything daily, 8 hr, and a small chance from 6 hr, plus the daily missions. Would be nice for them to rotate epics monthly.


Nah happy with more alanqa atm