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Hey ludia what happened to that level cap

So ya remember that it be impossible to make Dino’s super op since it’s level based then explain this man explain this monstrosity

Btw that was level 23 while mine was level 24 so ya love to see it :grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


They have 23 boosts into it so that’s actually how the system works. They can’t put anymore boosts in until they level up again. They didn’t say where you should place your boosts, just that you are capped by creature level. 🤷


So basically of no use to stop people from doing the same thing from 1.0 great just great.


The thing is though, they are giving up HP to boost it that high on attack and speed. Not a good decision imo. So yeah people are still making them fast and high attack, but at least they don’t have crazy high HP on top of that.


Actually he did he just used it in his draco who crit one shot my erlidom

Wait until he’s level 30 and looks like this I just fought


the level cap is, at least how i understood:

the pure level number = the total max tier boosts
ex: lvl 16 dino can have max of 16 tiers applied (total sum of speed+health+attack).



And the rest of the boost I guess went to that and his utarenix

I guess but doesn’t help stop these crazy boosts in the grand scheme of things

I mean I just faced this fun one :rofl:. They 0-3 me haha. But I also think what would have happened if they didn’t draw that Dino and that helps a bit.


Holy mother of Abraham Lincoln that is just terrifying


why attack value in yellow color? :scream:

It means that it’s the max for that level


mmm, 20 then. :scream:

Lol seems like it but like still they basically added a cap which does nothing to stop it

a faster erlikospyx can finish that thor, right?
75% distract + lethal bleeeeed.

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Like what should be the cap is maybe add a boosts every three levels from level say 15 (I’m saying Dino level not like player) so that you can’t just spam boosts

Pfft trying getting the boosts for it but then you also need to give boosts to health and attack to even stand a chance

This is running in the tournament.

Fastest thing I’ve seen so far


The cap sounds great on paper… but in order for the cap to really work both parties have to be equally invested in the boost system otherwise more boosts still wins.