Hey "smart people" at ludia. STOP RESETTING PLAYER RANKS


STOP resetting player ranks at the end of each tournament. I am sick and tired of losing to players whose dinos average 4 and 5 levels higher than mine because you reset everybody above 3500 to 3500.

Here’s a brilliant concept reset people down TO THR NEAREST 500 increment, if your 3800 you go to 3500 if you’re at 4200 you go to 4000 that way you do not ruin the game experience everyone sitting around 3500 when they’re stuck playing people who normally play at 4200.

Amazingly simple idea that solves the biggest problem in the game.


Is there a need to reset anyway? Just let it be and the match up system might work a bit better.

I agree, but they seem to like the reset because then it gives everybody equal chance at every tournament. With that in mind resetting to 500 levels would give everyone a chance but it would stop screwing people like throwing them in with the much higher level players.

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Even without a reset, those players would simply loose games until they can go down to a lower level anyway. Basically, the whole matchmaking process as to be redone! Not based on trophee level only, but simply based on a mix of “trophee level + player level + some sort of top 10 dino level average”. Until then, sure enough fighting will never be as enjoyable as it should…

The idea of resetting the trophy count is that everyone is on a level playing field and have to fight their way to the top using their teams and skill. At least I think that’s the idea behind it. Whatever the reason, it makes tournament time a absolute chore for those of us just after incubators as now we are up against teams that belong thousands of trophies above us.

I have a simpler idea. Add a new ranking system for the tournaments and make the tournaments opt in. On the battle screen lets say, on the opposite side of the screen to the leaderboard icon is a tournament icon that is active once the tournament season is approaching. (say one week before the tournament actually starts). Anyone who wants to join in can add their name and number to the tournament leaderboard during this week. After the week starts, no one else can join and those that have can fight amongst themselves for the shiny baubles allowing the rest of us to get on with gaining our incubators unmolested.

Maybe they should just reset everyone to the next lowest arena? Would that sound fair to you? Then, you would only be fighting people in your own pay grade. However, if they don’t reset those guys 20 and 30k above everyone else, everyone who may have collected enough levels to be competitive with them during the off season would have zero chance to catch them.


Resetting to minimum for their current arena cap would be a great idea.

They already fixed this. Reset to 4000 plus half of your left over trophies to a max of 5000.

It’s giving everybody a fair chance of winning.

Now you don’t have to power to compete with the players at the top doesn’t mean in the future you don’t. Imagine after 2 years when many people have level 26-30 dinosaurs. Without a reset you can’t even catch up to players at 100k and above trophies.

I suggest if you really hate the mess at the beginning of the tournament, drop yourself a few hundred trophies. For example I’m in the upper ruins hovering between 4800-5000, but may drop to 4100 prior to reset to avoid competition. The incubators are the same, you can also do this in sorna marshes.

I know my solution is not the best one but there’s nothing perfect for everyone in the game. They changed the reset methods from T1 to T2. As long as it’s getting better, I’m happy with it.

You’re right guarou, they did change the method with which they reset the rankings between the two tournaments we’ve had so far. But I’m honestly not sure much changed from tournament to tournament in how things played out, besides a slight difference in rankings higher up. There were still a couple of weeks of many players rankings being artificially bumped down by this, to a certain point in the arenas. I’m not sure exactly where it stopped really being that way, but I’m guessing to the lower end of Sorna at least.

In some ways, artificially dropping yourself before the tournament starts may actually exacerbate the problem, especially if many people in your trophy range or higher start doing just that. I’m in the range of trophies currently you indicate you’re going to drop down to…and I’m guessing with your current place in the arenas, my team would have to RNG the heck out of a match to have a chance at winning…which isn’t likely. Assuming others do this as well, winning battles will likely become very difficult, pushing me down further than I’d normally go in the arenas, putting me in the position to battle others who I maybe I shouldn’t be battling for the same reasons, and creating a watershed event before the tournament even starts. Then the tournament actually starting.

I DO agree with you about the future though. In a year or two when more people have had a chance to get larger and stronger teams, and competition is more fierce at the top down through more of the arenas, yeah, it could be a good thing to have some sort of system before tournaments to level the trophy count to give players a real chance to earn a spot they may deserve in the rankings.

Right now though…I feel you’re very wrong on the idea that it gives everybody a fair chance at winning. For the time being, the upper echelons of players are who they are, and until others start breaking through to that level, artificially dropping everyone so far doesn’t do much but create havoc, and a lot of ill-will from a much larger portion of the player base than not. If you’re part of the top-500 and know you’re going to finish somewhere in that range with the proper effort, I’m sure it gets seen very differently. If you’re part of the group that’s you know you’re going to finish out of prize contention, or potentially just make it into the lower category of prize range, it can be extremely frustrating to say the least.

I don’t completely agree with the idea of not resetting the trophies at a certain point to a certain point. But I think there could be better solutions in the future that haven’t been implemented as well. Maybe try a higher trophy count being reset to something above where roughly Sorna wouldn’t be affected by it. Personally, I’m a big proponent of having the tournament be held in a separate setting…same arenas, everyone starts at zero, and leave the current arenas alone completely since it really only affects what incubator DNA you get. Keep a total of 4 incubator slots between the two arenas so those that participate don’t have to battle twice as much for incubators. Let those who don’t want to participate not worry about it at all.

yes let’s reset the people at 42700 to 42500 GOOD IDEA :joy:

Don’t have to be Einstein to realize that everyone above 6,000 gets reset to 5,000 which is more that 450 trophies higher than you. Hence you will never play them anyway.

You only play some moderately higher opponents for what, a day? This upsets people?