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Hey there! I’m new to the forums

Hey there! I’m new to the forums and I thought it was about time that I make an account for it to ask my own questions, which, hopefully, most of you can answer. I have been an on and off player through the years but I got a new iPad and so I had Ludia transfer my data (long story lol) and I got back into it. I have been playing for 2-3 months. Once I started playing again I noticed how a lot of you guys talk about ferocity and gaps in ferocity. I was wondering how could I fix up my line up? My lineup is exponential in both health and attack and I was wondering if you guys could help me. Imma post some pictures of my lineup in a little.


@MonstaaBoii74 So can you post your line up ??? Oh I see you have lv.30 Indominus rex (8528 Ferocity) and welcome to this Forum. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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@MonstaaBoii74 welcome to the forum…


Sorry about that! I thought I posted the pictures of my lineup yesterday​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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The quickest thing to do would be sell the level 30 Indominus rex. Otherwise, you’ve got a long hard road ahead of you to bring up your lineup. Getting VIPs to level 20 will help some, but there will still be a substantial gap. It’s going to take time or a lot of Dinobucks. And since you don’t have a large stash of Dinobucks, that means any quick fix other than selling the I rex will involve Real Money.

You need level 30-40 VIPs, level ~30 legendary hybrids, level 20-30 super-hybrids, and level 10-20 tournament hybrids. Top end level 40 super-rare hybrids, like Supranotitan, might help.


@MonstaaBoii74 My opinion could sell Lv.30 Indominus rex it will give you difficult battle.

2.level up diplotator to lv.40 to make Diplosuchus you can level up it to lv.10 it will sit between Tapejalosaurus and Carnoraptor (How about Sarchosuchus SDNA ???)

3.You can level up your Concavenator to lv.20 .

And Can I ask you Did you have all legendary(yellow card) unlock ???

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you r sooooooooooo good

Your Indominus Rex if far too strong for the rest of your lineup. Either you invest a lot of blood, sweat and tears to bring your VIPs to level 30 and improve all your hybrids significantly or you invest a lot of tears and sell it.

That may seem hard but if you do so and start bringing your lineup back to a strength that is comparable to Indominus Rex at a much slower pace will make the game a lot easier for you.


@Tommi @Andy_wan_kenobi @Nonthawath_777 Well RIP level 30 I-Rex. Thank you guys for the tips! Hey Nonthawan, I did have all legendary card unlocks except for a lot of event creatures. I’m doing pretty good on SDNA, I have 4,134 velociraptor DNA, 231 Monolophosaurus DNA, 1,003 Sacrosuchus DNA, 920 Kaproauchus DNA, 2,240 Eueplocephalus DNA, and 979 Dimetrodon DNA.

Haha I’m not as good as compared to others on this forum! Thanks for the kind words!

You can console yourself if you consider all the DNA that you will get. You can use it for your hybrids army.

I sold it​:pensive::sob::sob: but your right, I can use it for leveling up my other Dino’s and it was for the best.


Don’t worry you will get it back since u have it unlocked but now your battles will be very easy and will allow you collect important resources. Get ready for the tournament😉

@MonstaaBoii74 You can unlock some useful tournament dinosaurs by battle stage such as Ceratosaurus,Zalmoxes,Yutyrannus

Yessirrr, I saw future difficult mission, such as level 40 shunosaurus and 3 lvl 40 guanlongs, and I saw that two different ones involved getting an indominous Rex, so that’s an automatic level 20. I’m in dominator league rn but I’m probably going down to legendary maybe super rare when my dinosaurs are done with their cool down. You guys are all right I can see a big difference in the dinosaurs I face. They are much, much easier!

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Yup! My next one is metriacanthasaurus

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When did metriacanthasaurus become a bs unlock? Do u have it unlocked already?

So you are going for a dominator finish right?

My bad I just checked right now and battle stage 75 is Ceratosautus not metriacanchasaurus. What do you mean by dominator finish?

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Umm winning in dominator league for the grand prize? We call it a dominator finish