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Hey there! I’m new to the forums

Ohhh🤦🏽‍♂️ Yeah I am trying to unlock that new carnivore, it seems pretty good

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It is slightly better than megalosaurus except it doesn’t have an endgame hybrid

Good and painful that you sold indonominus but was the right call. I’ll give you some advices:

-I would go for having same stats than your level 30 tapejalosaurus.
-with your rex and raptor maybe make a level 10 indonominus and you could buy another two of level 10 with the dna you’ve got, USE discount timing to pay only 85% of its value, by this you will get back 3 indonominus and some little dna.
-get a diplosuchus, do modded pvp, each one will now cost only 660 dna so you could grind and make maybe one per week (I have an army of 10 diplosuchus level 10 and it works great for tournaments)
-do modded pvp and try to win there the diplotator and if you are lucky some rajastega (I have 4 by that mean)

With this you will have a deeper line up and you can start from there without unbalancing it again, good luck

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I feel bad that you had to sell it off, but like others said I think it will benefit you more than it will hurt you and you can get your whole lineup to that level quicker than you could’ve before

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I personally think that you didn’t need to sell the indominus…
I say this because I also have a guy who is more powerful than the others … you just need to have other creatures (a lot) with a little less ferocity…

as you can see there is a huge difference from my first to second and third… I don’t intend to sell the pachygalo :joy:

I think the advantage of having a creature of that level its being able to see the new hybrids in their last form XD

For what it’s worth there are three hatch an I rex Missions

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There’s also a mission that requires a lvl 40 Indominus… I’m there right now… I wouldn’t have sold it… My opinion… You eventually get other creatures that match that ferocity… Maybe the battles become easier, but where’s the fun? And the challenge? It gets boring that way… I think the goal is to get stronger dinosaurs over time instead of remaining in an easily winning battle area… At least for me… Right now I own a lvl 36 Indominus, it’s my 2nd most ferocious dino, the 1st being a lvl 40 Monostegotops, and I think my 3rd is a lvl 30 Baryonix, so yes there are gaps and battles get harder week after week, but I think that’s what the game is all about, evolving and improving, what would you want resources for if not for getting stronger dinosaurs? The only cons are cooling down times, but that’s part of the planning. I know many or maybe most of you don’t agree with me, but when I read that people advise other people to sell their best dinosaurs, instead of trying to match them with other ones, I don’t know, it makes no sense, the fun is gone.
But… each player enjoys the game his/her way!

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AND, last but not least, I always win.

I make your words my words…

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To be fair, the advice given they gave two options one was to sell, one was to bring the rest of the lineup up. They offered two solutions and the OP chose the one that was right for them. Some times taking one step back does allow you to take two secure steps forward.


I did not say that he should stop evolving his dinosaurs to a higher ferocity. This is one of my main goals all the time.
I just mentioned that he moved too fast. In my opinion this is a game of patience and cautious movement. Having an level 30 Indominus Rex at the stage he/she is is too early as I see it.

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Your bench is a heck of a lot closer to your top creature than the OPs is. Y’all are in completely different worlds


(Couldn’t post this earlier because of some cap on how many posts a new member can make in a day)
Yeah Imma get my lvl 30 again in the future so im not really too upset. I actually got VIP today and for any others who have been using it for a while, do you guys have any tips that could help me? @Denver It was the best decision for me because, like everyone said, it had more ferocity than my other two creatures in my top two. Like @Andy_wan_kenobi said, yours is a lot more closer than mine was so it won’t really as beneficial for you as it was for me.
@Mr_Nobody_cares I’ll for sure do some modded pvp for the diplotator and, hopefully, the rajastega but I’m not really too good with MOD combos, do you have any that go well together? If not, it’s cool.

For mod fights do this:

One level 1 common dino
Then a level 40 legendary or better dino
Another level 1 common
By this you will still obtain the best prizes possibles using only one good dino.

Use only common mods, the less important should be first, depending of your creature you can improve the health or attack, and least dino with a mod that helps all the team. If you use only common your adversary will use also simple ones, hope it helps

I didn’t know that about last part, that’s really helpful thanks

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Hey, I speak for myself, I didn’t say that that measure is wrong, I just mean that I would never do it, I prefer other options. I think about all the time and food spent towards an Indominus and selling it would be a huge pity, maybe because I’m not VIP so it requires far more effort for me, but of course selling it to keep it easy is perfectly valid, just not the only nor the best option, just another option. It depends on how you are willing to fix the situation and get along with the game and how much challenge you are willing to take.

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On my YouTube channel if you go to the mod battle sections I have a collection of videos there. At the beginning of each of those videos is the MoD PvE event that happens on Saturdays but then I do MOD PvP to clear my mods out after. They might be helpful…

For sure! I’ll check them out once I get home, thanks!