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Hey where’s my pack

You have just renewed my VIP all good I was going to do it anyway fine but I got no pack for it I can’t buy the 2 for 1 because you took the funds from my iTunes account what’s going on :pensive::v:t2:

I thought you only got it once, not after every renewal.

No if you tap the VIP you get a epic pack

All so thy should not just take it ask if you want it just because you got it the first time does not mean you will get it the 2ed time it’s up to the player

Next mouth ask before taking from my account

Did you turn off the auto renew? It automatically renews each month unless you do

No I had know idea I had to
Eve in if I didn’t I should get the same as any other player

Ok so how do I turn it off no information on it

It tells you when you sign up and you have to ok it for the auto renewal… you should always pay attention when agreeing to things. Also I don’t know what you are talking about with a pack. There is nothing that says you get a new pack each month. You get opportunities to buy packs that the free players don’t get. Also you get potential extra cards for beating dungeons and in chests that free players don’t. I am not sure what pack you think others get that you did not

It is somewhere in your iTunes account. Just do a google search for Apple subscriptions and it should be able to take you to it

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Ok thanks I’ll see about it later