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Hi beautiful

Where have you been all my life? :heart:


Lucky… I can’t get enough tarbo


Grats, she definitely is an asset.

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Thought I had enough Tarbo to make this happen myself. Got him up to 20 and then ran short. At that point I realized it’s 2000 Tarb DNA for each fuse :roll_eyes: So may be a while yet… Anyway, congrats on the new Dino! Cannot wait to get my own :slight_smile:

Yeah, any common dino is 2,000 dna for a unique, just like Velociraptor is for Indoraptor.

Congrats, she’s a beast!

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Luckily they’re all over the place here in india so I run into at least a dozen every day. Also count my lucky stars that I didn’t donate all my tarbo away when alliance requests started!

Thanks @GPx. Did not realize it was a standard thing. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle - GI JOE!! (sorry, dating myself there…)