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Hi, I have a problem with 5-hour bonuses


I cant get a 5-hour bonuses - no incubators, no darts, no gold.
When I tap the icon, disconnection occurs every time
Please, help!))


Hey Dedexx_Dedexx, I’m sorry to hear that you’re disconnecting from the game, connection issues can happen from a bad signal. Could you please make sure that you are playing the game on a stable internet connection? You can try turning your mobile data off and back on again and see if that helps; also, please avoid switching between data and WiFi connection as that can cause an issue with the loading.

If your game is connected to either your Facebook, Google Play store account, or Game Center, you can try clearing the cache on your device and see if that helps. Please make sure you’re not playing on a “Guest Account,” when you clear your cache.

There are also some troubleshooting steps for connection issues on this thread that could help if you try them: