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Hi, I'm New

I’m new to the forums.


Welcome! You will have a great time here I guarantee!

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Hello and welcome.
You will have a lot of fun and find tons of useful tips with all the great people around here.


Welcome! The forums are beneficial.


hi new, im dad


Hi, welcome. Im called somebody, son of somebody and somebody, currently at Insert Name school

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@ImElusiveYT hi dad, im dad

Welcome to the forums. Probably the best place to learn and discuss JWTG related things and find out about things Ludia tried to hide from you.

@Predator_X hi, dad, Im Jay

The best place to learn, alright.

cough nerfing packs cough

cough formula for ferocity cough

Welcome to the community, @MASTER_REX! :wave:

I’m @Daven! My colleague @Keith would usually do the introduction, but he’s on vacation now.
Hope you enjoy your stay with us, fellow dino trainer! :t_rex:


Ull have a great time

Thank you everyone​:grin::grin::grin::grin::blush::blush::blush::blush:

If there are any threads I feel you should refer the most,it is “The Demystifying of Ferocity” and the Dino Data Spreadsheet.


How long have you been playing?

Played for some weeks after the worldwide release. Then after a long time, again for 2 months probably. Then again another shot for a longer time (for 8 months). Then the current one for a few weeks and continuing.

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Hey there! I’m MonstaaBoii74, and I am new to the forums. I have seen a couple of posts and I thought it was about time I made one to ask some of my own questions, which, hopefully, some of you can answer. One question I have is you guys talk a lot about ferocity and Im not really as good at this game as I thought I was after hearing you guys talk about charts, ferocity, etc. lol, but I have a huge gap in damage and health for my top three creatures. I went overboard at the very beginning, getting a lvl 30 i rex. I’m trying to even out the number a little more and I was wondering if you guys could help. Imma post a screenshot of my lineup in a little.

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