Hi Ludia, remember us? The players?

Dear Ludia,

I’m wondering if you’re doing ok. You see, you used to talk to us more. We would get news, and tidbits of information, but lately you seem very withdrawn, quiet, and, well, missing. I hope we didn’t do anything to make you withdraw from being more social, and forthcoming with opening up yourself to us. We do our best. We visit every day, in hopes that you may acknowledge our presence. We ask questions in hopes to coax some conversation. We do our best to help, but never seem to get through. Why build this barrier between us? I hope we haven’t hurt you. The best relationships thrive on communication, and though sometimes we can be loud, rude, and even lose our temper a bit, please understand that it is all out of love. We love this game, and dedicate our time and energies to the relationship we have built. We are only asking for a bit of reciprocation, some validation that our passions are not misplaced. Unrequited love never lasts long, and I fear some of us are already moving on to greener pastures, and places where our presence is appreciated - and communication is more of a two-way street. There are a lot of us that continue to hold out hope, but I know personally, mine is waning… This relationship started out so great, and only got better, but the little things are adding up, and while you have the power to fix them, you just don’t seem to care. Finally, as I said, this lack of communication is speaking volumes. Is there anything we can do?

Please, don’t let things end like this.

The players.



I’ve just given up. I’ve just logged in today for the first time in almost 2 months and have nothing to draw me back in. It took me around half an hour to do a handful of battles, probably less than 10. It drained my battery just sitting here on wifi. Anytime I play off wifi holy cow the data rates. I barely amass any DNA for the creatures needed to get to higher rankings to earn sprinkles of points. The paywall is entirely obvious. The company does not consider the players. The game is a cash grab and a very glitched one. I can name a number of ridiculous issues with this game that I am sad to have spent the small amount of money i did. I dont receive any kind of enjoyment from playing other than constant frustration at wasted time and effort. At first I was so dedicated because it was so fun to have battles versus live opponents with realistic looking dinosaurs that I could collect. But now it’s a grind hoping that after 3 or 4 days of grinding I get to level up one of the dinos on my team, let alone talking about getting new ones. It seems that everytime we get an update it isn’t anything that increases the enjoyment of the overall game. It just focuses on actually making it fair enough to CALL it a game. I think I’m done playing with dinos and deleting the app. I wish I could gift people the coins and cash i saved up. I did so many offers just to afford an epic incubator and haven’t seen anything that let’s me know what I’m actually buying so I never spent it. I’m just let down overall.


@D_MOL thanks for opening this thread.
I always try to see the positive side of things, but I also am frtustrated by this situation, I do random examples of what happened before in the forum and what happens now, so that I can explain my point of view:
the mods were more present and they also used to like some users posts to direct people on what was good to see on their side, now I do not see much presence of mods (is it that I’m not going into the whining posts or dissing posts so I do not see them because they’re all there?)
In addition, when there was a problem they immediately put an announcement, then it was always less immediate communication (we all remember the post in which many of us have expressed frustration for having received the communication of "we had a problem and we are trying to solve it "a week later that we ourselves users had pointed out the problem here)
And then, even small things, like the featured dinos of the weekly events, why are not posted by a mod here and instead are posted on twitter? Why I need to subscribe (I do not have twitter and I do not want to install it) to a third-party app to understand what’s happening, or rely on the forwarding of some users, which of course I appreciate but there is not a dedicated area here if not the announcements area in which only mods can post, risking to loose the user’s thread among the many open / commented in here.
This is your official site, Ludia, we are your guests and you must make us understand that we are welcome here.
At the moment I continue to stay here, which is my point of contact with many nice people with whom I would like to maintain relationships, but internet has millions of ways to keep people in touch.

Give us something more Ludia, please, give us some love.


I think Ludia is cheating on us!


My guess is they’re working hard on a really big update…


I second that. I’m thinking maybe some new gameplay? Possibly new breeds. The anticipation is a killer


Love how this thread has been going for 9 hours so far and yet still no comment from anyone connected to ludia or even one of the moderators .


There is a lot of information to digest in the opening thread. (Well done btw) If they respond without putting any real thought into their words it could spiral downward very quickly. My guess is they will have several meetings on how to respond then end up issuing a statement or releasing new information about the game without actually addressing this thread directly. Then again, I could be completely wrong and the author is correct that we are being ignored like a crazy ex?



Dear Players, we know you’re there. We are working on release notes, content and games. We are moderating the forums and reviewing failed names.

Before anyone asks, no I am not authorized to give any more details than that.


games? unlike jwa? so you are cheating!!!:disappointed_relieved:


Professional Rephrase:

“Unfortunately, that’s all the information I’m at liberty to give right now.”


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but how else will you know I am not a bot?


i faught you before… the bots are better :grin: :wink:


I dunno…

Repetitive responses
Unresolved issues
No significant input

Aren’t you ?


Wish I could see what what you said but it’s deleted before I saw it

Just a moderator guys, doing what I can where I can.


Unable to correctly start a sentence with capital letters. @Hersh


you don’t criticize the police for the laws. they just enforce what’s there. that’s a mod’s job. just enforce forum rules. not necessarily a dev or programmer, etc. @Hersh