Hi Ludia, remember us? The players?



Tonight (10-16h ago) I saw a post about a Level 60 Indominus Strike Event (with screenshot). Can’t find it anymore either.

it was very obviously photoshop because the font on the screen shot is not the same as the in game font

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that trolling is against our forum policy.

Ok, if you say so. I woke up in the middle of the night and visited the forum. My vision wasn’t the best to be honest. I was slightly shocked. Imagine the amount of coins necessary to climb up 30 more levels… :sweat_smile:

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plus the box around the level number is supposed to extend beyond the width of the card. in these pics it’s basically flush with the edge of the card.

Would you 2 please stop raptoring each other! Someone may get hurt!




Click click click click click yes it is a sentence

We’re making the first progress in years and the first thing he says is make it a weapon?

I’m calling Alex thabet the CEO of ludia let’s see what he thinks of the customer service we receive on the forum

Isn’t he too busy with Jeopardy


Thanks for response moderator. At least there is respond rather than choose no respond at all. Im so scared if silence happen, becos if silence happen it shows that this game is doom.

And for us players, definitely we dont give more pressure or harsh words. It is so unprofessional. And to moderators and ludia hope you all understand that we do this because we love love love this game💕, and this post is so so so true.

Will wait for latest update as you mention & with full of excitement.
And please please keep in touch with us & maintain this 2 way communication.

Love you all… Piece no war


Peace ^ :v:t4::heart_eyes:

very accurate observation!

Personally today I choose war

It’s evolution.
Jurassic Park - Jurassic World - Jurassic Doom

Once you get by the initial message in French the boss of this company is actually kinds easy to contact by phone

Woot! Glad to hear Ludia has some cool stuff in the works.


Asong as there is no tournament announcement before a patch/fix/update of some kind… or I will be thrown off completely.