Hi Ludia, remember us? The players?

Thanks for response moderator. At least there is respond rather than choose no respond at all. Im so scared if silence happen, becos if silence happen it shows that this game is doom.

And for us players, definitely we dont give more pressure or harsh words. It is so unprofessional. And to moderators and ludia hope you all understand that we do this because we love love love this game💕, and this post is so so so true.

Will wait for latest update as you mention & with full of excitement.
And please please keep in touch with us & maintain this 2 way communication.

Love you all… Piece no war


Peace ^ :v:t4::heart_eyes:

very accurate observation!

Personally today I choose war

It’s evolution.
Jurassic Park - Jurassic World - Jurassic Doom

Once you get by the initial message in French the boss of this company is actually kinds easy to contact by phone

Woot! Glad to hear Ludia has some cool stuff in the works.


Asong as there is no tournament announcement before a patch/fix/update of some kind… or I will be thrown off completely.

It’s this very thing I’m talking about… it’s the details we are lacking.

“We’re working on stuff” is not helpful, nor does it count as communication.

Even a statement of some sort would appease a large number of us (me included).

What are the priorities?
What is the timeline?
WHO is in charge of information? I wouldn’t think any of us assume the forum mods hold any power like that.

I don’t know. It just seems like there is little being done to stimulate nor sustain interest in the game. Particularly when bug after bug goes unacknowledged and unfixed, with random canned excuses being thrown at us. If the silence is indeed some sort of tension and anticipation building marketing ploy - it is failing. Big time.


considering how much ya’ll have “borrowed” from clash royale, it’s a shame that nearly everything that made it a great game and a game ludia thought was worth imitating was stripped away :confused: :thinking: . supercell does something like this once a week. it would be amazing to have something similar.


They let metahub do it all without having to pay them anything… (I’m assuming)


This game needs a community manager… someone who can give us tidbits. I dont care so much about release dates or all the hard fact just a general idea of what your working on would be nice… stuff and games doesnt really tell me anything… i already know more about diablo immortal then i do about a content patch for this game that is expected this month.


The thing is, the expectation is all assumption. I don’t think anyone really knows anything.

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Not only that but when they nerf or buff a card they explain their reasons for doing so. So i can be like i dont like the change but i still understand why they did it.

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Pokefodder says ludia told him he’d have patch notes soon. Lol so something is comming at somepoint in time.

I like that they involve content creators and metahub in their news distrobution… but they could still have an official voice… then give some exclusive anouncements out to these guys.

Ie They could announce a new dinosaur on the forums with more info to come soon… next day metahub has the skillsets and stats of said dino… but no pics and no name. Leaving us to speculate and build anticipation for a day or two. Finally a youtuber gets to show off the dino on their channel.


So it begins… been in queue for battle for 21 minutes. Cancelled and restarted a few times to see if it was bugged. No-one, including bots ± 5472. The decline is noticable already.


Yeah, I think I’m on my way out…

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And the hacks are starting to filter in. Today I had 2 very suspect battles. This morning I faced 2 Stegodeus in 1 match :thinking: … Now about 30 minutes ago I had one with a rajakylosaurus that used its priority invincibility every other turn (normally a 3 turn cooldown) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Again, why I need to know this from Pokefodder and not from Ludia?? :thinking:


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Best to do battles before like 6-8 PM PST I’ve noticed. Don’t have to wait much.