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Hi. New guy

Hi I’m ness to the forums and been a long time player of the game! Is it okay that I made this a thread?


Hi new guy! Welcome :hugs:

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New* soz for the spelling mistake

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What’s happening in your park? Early /mid/ late stage?
Short term / long term goals?

Plethora of knowledge in this forum. Different perspectives. Definitely going to find some valuable info on here.

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I’d say mid stage. Level 57 although not a single hybrid which is REALLY bad I know. For me goal is achieve level 40 of everything (minus VIPs). I plan to get VIPs when I’m in late stage and by some clever probability get 8 of every VIP exclusive in one go. Using averages. My park needs a makeover to max coin production and hoping to unlock CoT soon. My market is clogged up with about 25 legendaries and VIPs and one tourney and one indom gen 2 that I won through the tourney and hardly changing due to events. Got a LOT of evolutions to do although I am definitely making progress through them and should be done in a little whiles time. I’m doing it this way so hybrids don’t unbalance my lineup. Which is mainly lvl 10 VIPs a few lvl30 legendaries and one lvl 40 pteranodon although Rex and ichthyostega and scaphognathus will be joining it shortly.
Sorry this is soooo lengthy

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Hi! I am LJ from Argentina. I am also a new user to the forum but an old one playing Jurassic World The Game. I’ve been playing this almost since it was released on the Play Store (I’m level 97 and I have everything unlocked, except for just a few hybrids). I read several very interesting threads that, had I known before, would have served me a lot in my early days. From what I’ve been seeing, this is a great and beautiful community, I’m glad to know that there are many more dinosaur fans :hugs:, I hope we get along!

Postscript … I can only speak Spanish, so my English is not very good (I use the google translator haha :sweat_smile:).

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Hey there ! Welcome to the forum !
What is your current lineup like ?