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Hi Sorna Marshes


Hi Sorna Marshes! :hugs:

Reached it for the first time ever today! I’m sure I’ll go back to Lockdown after a few fights but it feels like it’s been a long time to reach it!


Congrats! Prepare to lose some sanity trying to climb up through the Marshes…lol


Good luck getting through…

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remember losing matches consecutively is not good for mental health.


Don’t worry guys, I don’t play in battle arenas to climb the ranks, I only play them for incubators. I learned my lesson long time ago about playing for trophies!


Always happens when you move into a new Arena… It’s like being in an elevator… You go up, come down, go up again, until at some point in time you stabilize… And just when you think you’ve consolidated your position in the new Arena, you run into a losing streak and are demoted again. It’s a constant struggle but, hey, you made it! Sit back and enjoy for a while! Hearty congrats for your great achievement!


Thats great, congrats!!


Reading thread title in a Tommy Wiseau voice:

“O HAI, Sorna Marshes…”


I got to Sorna too, got too 3100 and got kicked out too Lockdown again.:joy:


But I know what your feeling​:+1::+1::+1:


Welcome. Just remember the Marshes is now a full 1000 trophies long. Have pain meds handy and have fun.


Thanks guys! So far i’ve won my first 3 fights so am around 3098 now. After a triple win streak i’m sure i’ll have a triple triple losing streak! :laughing:


Enjoy your stay! I think I been there since July or something. Feels like Hotel California - you can check in but forget about checking out.


My update on progress so far!

First 5 battles in Sorna Marshes and I won them all! Put me on about 3160.
On the 5th battle I managed to get the final Irritator dna from the 15 minute incubator needed to unlock Pyrritator!

Yes I have my first legendary!

6th battle, I lost, lol well I thought it would come sooner then 6 battles!

7th Battle I won. So going ok so far!


Best advice is to find your good time… when you win the highest percentages of matches… try to stick to that time… not for trophies but for your incubators its alot easier if you can knock them out quick.

At the start of this tourney i was 2900 occasionally poking my head in sorna. I realized i was winning most of my matches at night at have tried to limit my battling to then. Im now sitting at 3400 and I also only battle for incubators.


Progress update!

Since reaching Sorna Marshes for the first time 4 days ago I have not yet dropped back down to Lockdown which has surprised me quite a bit.

The highest I have reached is 3212 and I am currently on 3211.

During this journey I have also unlocked my second Legendary… Indominus Rex, which was thanks to getting a 24 hour incubator whilst in arena 7, and although needing 60 dna with only 3 fuses I gratefully received 20, 20, 30 on them!

I’m still sure my drop is coming, but it’s going much better than when I first reached lockdown!


Sorna is hard to get through. Feel like I’ve been here forever. Needing to go all the way to 4000 trophies to escape sucks. I just passed 3500 for the first time. Team is getting stronger.


I’m not bothered about getting to 4000, i’ll get there eventually. I’m just surprised i’ve kept myself above 3000 for the first 4 days.


Keeping right at 4000 feels impossible, especially during tournament time. Just when I get a peek, I get kicked in the face straight back into the Marshes. Feels brutal.


7 days now and still stayed in Sorna Marshes, but today I dropped very close to Lockdown. I’m holding on!!!