Hidden Forge boss freeze

Room 12, boss used breath attack. Heard sound of attack. No animation, no damage taken. Game froze. Attempted to leave dungeon with no apparent success. Force closed game, restarted and it registered my opting to exit and gave me the d6 and d12 rolls for rooms 4 and 8. This boss was just under 4k hp and I was in no immanent danger of death. Freezes like this are relatively common and almost invariably happen when the boss uses his breath attack.

So far I haven’t had that problem but I had previously with hidden forge I get his HP half way than stops so hopefully I don’t get any issues.

Yup - I actually don’t play this stage anymore just because of the frustration of freezing. It happens just way too often for me

I play it for events and because I get a better xp/loot return than Frostsilver. Once I can reliably beat the 2nd boss in Hearthshiield I’ll switch to that.

I’m sorry to hear that happened, @Charles_Rosenberg. If you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, our team could take a closer look at this as well as try to make this right for you.

Last of the three bosses is frozen now for me as well, he can’t attack on his turn, any replay (after force quit) causes freeze at same point.

Unbelievable froze again on the next attempt. Right here.


Do you even want us to play this game or not?

This bug is still around and quite annoying.

Yup out of my 13 runs, i had to close/restart the game 8 times in total which is over 50% of the time. And please don’t say what device and email support because I’ve tried this on Xiaomi, galaxy note 7, Samsung A5, and on iphone 6.

Game freezes on this boss on all devices

Annoying and Hidden Forge is not playable anymore!! Boss freezes all the time when uses breath weapon! PLEASE developers fix that problem…

image image

4 times in a row!! Instead of being fixed its getting worse!

Hey voadkyn21, I’m sorry that your game is freezing up during the boss battle. Could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information so our team can take a closer look? Thanks!

Just happened to me 4 times in a row as well, in the x3 special event which is especially bad since I spent the 9 diamonds to play the level.

Additionally, more and more frequently I am unable to target in order to perform a normal attack. I usually end up having to skip that action. The next character an then attack normally.

The game is becoming nearly unplayable with the extremely annoying bugs.

Force close the game when it locks up. When you restart it resets the encounter without loss of resources.

I have contacted the support, but didn’t get any response. Problem is still there.

Hi Magnus, please allow some time for our support team to get back to you. Please refrain from updating your ticket, as in this way it will maintain its position in the queue. Our support answer times vary depending on the amount of tickets they receive!

I play on an iPad Pro.