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Hidden forge boss

Is there anys trick to defeat tje hidden forge easier? Havent tried it yet but since we only have one free entry for the event would like to defeat him twice at least since i know i wont be able to defeat it 3 times becaus ei cant even defeat the frostsilver boss 3 times

don’t put your guys in the same column, if you do he’ll do the fire sword and roast your party. he’ll do it anyways randomly which usually kills a character. regeneration helps lots on this battle too


Don’t put 2 characters in the same column, he will always use his column fire attack then. I find range characters work well, as you don’t have to get close. If you have cleric regen try to start it from the room before. Bard and Warlock weapons with injure really help if you have them.
Apologies that many of my suggested tactics are equipment based.

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Try to have your characters on different rows, with the ones tyst have farthest reach in the back. Avoid having them in the same column.
That gets me trough the first two bosses. The third one is close to impossible with my lvl10/lvl11 party.

Add to that the fact that this is probably the most buggy section of the game so far. The boss fight locks up all the time.

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Thank you all for the suggestions, mine are lvl 7 so guess it will be very hard

Bring Tommus, when I was level 10 there are several times that boss wiped my party, but he hits Tommus for so little that many times we just went toe to toe for 10+ turns and Tommus just whittled him down. Sometimes he would do 2-3 line attacks and kill me, but my first dozen clears or so it was always Tommus standing tall and maybe one other character.

This boss is horribly balanced and RNG will screw you over. Three rocks can fall directly in a column, forcing two in a column and cause the fire sword attack. The fire sword attack will happen even when two characters aren’t in a column and oneshot your characters randomly, even at level 9 or 10. No matter what strategy you try, if the game DECIDES you succeed, you will.

My only suggestion is to pray to the RNG gods. But spoilers… they won’t be listening.

I agree. It is quite annoying to have that much a step up from the earlier bosses. Makes the game boring, since there’s no gain in doing Hidden Forge when the earlier challenges will have better rewards when considering time invested.

Also cleric epic weapon helps if it procs and the fire attack kills that person, I’ve also basically soloed him once with the cleric, death ward kept popping, I wasn’t arguing, but it’s nice when he does near nothing but rocks and that poison spit crap, kills the rocks and the fire giving you more room to move, but if you can’t take the initial hit and the 1980 from the fire, don’t try

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Sadly he gets kinda easier the less party members you have, you get more wiggle room

Try not to stack party members in the same column and use poison/injure attacks. Any debuffs to his attacks (-atk) helps as well. Anvil is a one shot kill guy so weaken those and it should give you some breathing room. Hope this helps someone. I know this is an old thread.