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Hidden Forge Bug

I’ve had the Hidden Forge boss freeze the game about 10 times now. It happens after he does his breath attack (occasionally, not every time). No damage is registered and the game does not bring up my characters menu, it just sits there. I would estimate that this happens to me about once every five times I face the boss. Every time it has happened I was in room 6 (possible that this is not room specific as I clear room 3 before he has a chance to breath and I never go to room 9). I have to force quit the game and restart it to be able to continue (means I have to start the fight new every time). I am 95% sure I have had this bug happen to me on two separate devices.

Edit: appears that this bug has been around for a while

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I witness this too in my games. Also the lava that is supposed to be gone after the breath attack becomes invisible and will still be able to damage characters that are on it despite you not seeing the lava there. Ouch, this makes hidden forge harder than it already is…

Same bug happens to me. Always room 6. Always after his breath weapon. I suspect it might be when he uses his breath weapon twice in a row but maybe other folks have a different experience.

Also, the lava floor continues to do damage after he breaths on it and it vanishes from view. It’s not really gone.

Thank you, everyone, for reporting this to us!

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I can now confirm 100% it happens on all of my devices. Now that I am paying attention, I can also confirm that it happens when he does 2 breath attacks in a row.

Same happened to me.