Hidden Forge Challenge to get d20 roll

Anyone have any team recommendations or levels to defeat third boss of Hidden Forge? I am beating 2nd boss but run into the wall pretty quickly there.

I am only missing the bard and have most of my heroes at lvl 9 with a few at 8.
Seems the cleric is absolutely neccessary, just have a hard time when my peeps get one-shot killed.

I ask mainly because the Keep is almost useless to run, and the Mines dont drop as much gear as i’d like.

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I am also very interested in this topic. I haven’t been able to beat boss 3 in Hidden Forge. I’ve hit the level 9-10 wall where I can’t explore anymore and the amount of XP required to get to the next level is astronomical.
The game is getting boring

The PVP isn’t much better because some key equipment refuses to drop. For example, my warlock has 2 legendaries but still not the rare that stuns everyone that is so used in PVP. It just refuses to drop.


There is no required party, it is all a gear check. You need to have enough HP to not get one shot. Your party needs to be around level 11 or 12 to do it reliably.

My party is Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Bard, all level 12, everyone but Bard close to 13 and I still get characters killed in one turn. My cleric was killed by being pushed forward by a boulder into another boulder and then into a 3rd boulder. My wizard dies if he does the line attack and my Bard or Cleric does not go before her and gets a direct heal in. My bard can barely survive those hits, but sometimes gets combo killed by other abilities. Tommus is the only one who shrugs off most of the damage. I have his taunt/regenerate item and he has so much armor he shrugs off the bounders and poison cloud, it is only the line attack he has to watch out for.

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Exact same combo for me, all can handle a single hit, but just barely except Tommus.

If I need to keep another character alive I move tommus onto the fire to move them off.

He’s easy for me now (Level 12), and was so since high 11 with good gear.

When I would win sometimes or lose sometimes it was the party slowing dying while trying to take him down fast enough. So try and have something for you wizard that does large single target damage. I use her 200% dmg stun ability, 300% dmg kill (legendary) ability, and back when golem was tough I used her common main weapon over her epic for better single target dmg. (It’s one of the few commons of any character I’ve actually still been upgrading).

So key when it’s marginal is killing him faster then you die. If you a too slow on damage eventually he fire attacks too many times.The cleric revive weapon also lucked out for the right character sometimes.

They upped the fire dmg about 200 during the update, which shocked me. If anything I expected it to go down. This was the only thing of the update I didn’t like or think is fair. I beat him now anyways, but I know player behind me (who didn’t get to play the beta) would be affected by it. He does seem to do it a bit less often though which helps, but I may feel like that simply because I’m actually killing him faster and faster.

Good luck. You’ll slowly just start beating him a bit more regularly at a time. But getting that D20 dice fairly regularly is incredibly helpful.

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It attacks more often right side chars with his breath. Dragon, tho, is proned to attack leer side ones. Reorganize team if needed.
Two healers os more reliable for starting. Equip move healing on cleric.
Avoid to put two chars in line, it will spit lava on ground for both.

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After two or the green breaths it tienda to get Burger, for me. You need to close client, clear cache and restart room. Room restart is your friend if bad luck

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