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Hidden Rooms need better chests

You’re going to the 8th room in Heartcoil Deeps, and you find a hidden room.
You instantly have to decide if the added risk of higher difficulty is worth the reward of the bonus chest.
The battle is hard but you win, and this is what you get from the toughest possible room in the toughest dungeon:

Ludia, please scale the payout of your Hidden Rooms a bit better. A Hidden Room at this stage should be better than an 8 hour chest in the Arena.


Is that typical, or did you just get a bad set of rolls?

This seems typical for secret doors. It doesn’t respect challenge or room number difficulty. It only considers adventure progress: one extra card (and some increase in gold) for each Explore mode Dungeon cleared.

For example, this was from a Room 2 secret room in Sharpstone Keep before I finished the Explore mode:

That’s an adventure chest from a secret room.

Rolls as in what loot you get.

No dice are rolled for chest loot.
But yes, that’s typical of a hidden room chest after a while.

I’m not referring to any graphic… but the random draw of loot from a table.