Hidden Skoona nerf?

So yesterday i used skoona for a Trebax raid, and a clanmate of mine asked me its stats, i wrote him 6756 hp and 1417 atk, the patch notes stated hi was getting a atk reduction which i understood and a few other changes to his moves, but the HP on my skoona is now 6583 while a minor nerf its still not stated in the notes

skoona before patch

skoona after patch

patch notes indicating the changes on her


I get the ocassional nerf of Dinos that are slightly overpowered. It’s necessary. But why does Ludia always have to swing the pendulum so far in the other direction? Telling us you are going to change Skoona and slightly increase speed while lowering the attack stat. Okay. Changing its counter so that it’s less affective against the overpowered Scorpius Gen 3? (Talk about a Dino that DOES need a small nerf) That sucks, but okay… Removing the priority from a priority movie? That’s going to far…

And THEN Ludia also nerfs Skoona’s health. Was this in the patch notes? Release notes? No. They do it without thinking we’d notice. Another of the many, many reasons people don’t trust Ludia and the developers. Come on @Ned can you mention something to them?!

Oh and while you are at it ruining peoples teams with overnerfing, how about a boost shuffle/reset that we are well overdue for?!


Given how much else they messed up, I think this was just something they forgot to include - I don’t think they maliciously left it out. It still doesn’t reflect well on the team though.

Honestly though, I think Skoona needed a health nerf more than anything else (besides losing priority of group distracting impact). But in that case, I would have kept the old attack and counter.

I haven’t checked my skoona until i stumpled upon the post. Luckily i saved the stats on JWA field app, which gave me an overview on the HP nerf! Thanks @DeltaStarHyper

I foresee another maintenance window, sometime soon.

Hey DPG members, our team has been informed of this and they’re looking into it. :eye: