Hide statistics ludia

It is only an idea that arose from a series of unfortunate accidents with my little son and is that without wanting to have consumed me many of my coins leveling up dinosaurs that no longer needed to raise more, the option of climbing is too large.45 03


That’s a really, really, really good idea - one of the best I have ever seen on the forums and so simple. A little green up arrow by the level when applicable that takes you to a confirm screen.

:100: (only because there isn’t a 1000

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I believe it’s big on purpose, for taking advantage of those accidental hits.



It’s definitely on purpose. Has been from day 1.


Oh god the pain, don’t remind me. Lol. It should be like boosts or have an are you sure. It’s been mentioned a lot. And nothing changed.

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My L16 Kentro is a monument to the tragedy …

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