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Hiding Complaints - Unreal


So I just wrote an open letter, protesting the impending changes and explaining the rational behind it, that the player base is furious right now. They decide to censor ANY commentary on the poor choices?? Yes they literally blocked a post with ZERO spam qualities, ZERO vulgarity. UNREAL!!! I AM DONE!!

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The post is showing in my feed.


My error. It’s there

My eloquent and polite supporting comment remains hidden however


Instead of HIDING the TRUTH, maybe they should just FREAKING COMMUNICATE with us.


I see it know… my comment popped up as well


It got auto-moderated, this happens. As long as it is not violating forum rules it will be published as soon as a moderator finishes reading it. We do no hide negative comments, we only hide abusive, racist, political, or other comments that explicitly break one of our forums rules.

Auto-moderation sucks, but it happens. The filter thinks you said something and then our moderators jump in and double check because the fitler is not perfect. This has been how it works since the forums where launched. Though we hope our early forums members would agree that though not perfect, the filter is better.

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We will also be locking this thread as it violates the posting moderated content rule. An expection has been made so that we could expalin the process. No one who posted in the thread will get a warning or be banned.

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